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Grateful, for your trust !

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What my clients are saying

Thais Poitou


Cécile did my professional portraits and I'm delighted! 

She was able to show me off and do exactly what I wanted.
As a bonus, she is extremely friendly and professional.

I recommend.

Alexandre P. - Fitness park, Lisbon


During a joint venture partnership, I had the pleasure of meeting Cécile who took exceptional photos for us. She responded very quickly, we received the photos in a very short time and at a very affordable price. I recommend these services.

Bert.  Club Caffeine Cafe

Very professional, quality photos and fast delivery.

I recommend.

À propos


I am Cécile, a Franco-Portuguese photographer based in Lisbon for six years. My passion for photography was ignited during travels to Asia, where I captured my first powerful images. These images later resulted in my first photography exhibition, “Faces of the Mekong.” Upon returning to France, I began my educational journey at the School of Visual Communication "Efet" in Paris, from which I graduated in 2010.

I have had the privilege of presenting my work through exhibitions and publications in France and Canada. Notably, my report “Rooster Fight” was published in the magazine “Vice” in Spain.

My passion for photography goes beyond just taking photos; it’s a way of capturing the very essence of life’s precious moments.

I have had the privilege of documenting a wide variety of events, from intimate weddings to large corporate events. Each moment captured is a story frozen in time, filled with emotions, laughter, and memories that will last for generations to come.

I strive to create images that not only remind you of a particular moment but also capture the energy and emotion present in each situation. I work with you to understand your needs and desires in order to deliver photographs that exceed your expectations.

Every photoshoot is a new adventure, a chance to capture something truly special. Contact me to discuss your photography projects, and together we will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Contact me here


Lisbon, Portugal
Phone :  + 351 93 20 5 12 10

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