Cécile Lopes a Franco-Portuguese photographer currently living in Lisbon. She spends her childhood in Paris where she grew up in her parent's bar. Cecile begins to travel the world with a profound interest in discovery. The first strong images were taken in Asia and Oceania and give rise to her first photographic exhibition "The face ok Mekong". Back in Europe in 2007, she starts studying at the photography institute "IDP" in Porto first, then at the school of visual communication "Efet" in Paris, where she graduates in 2010. Her photographic work is guided by a simple desire: meeting the human being in all its aspects. Cécile has made several solo exhibitions in France and Canada, in parallel with her activity as a “light assistant” with various fashion photographers. Recently, she publishes her last documentary "Rooster fight" in the famous magazine "Vice" Spain/ Colombia in 2018.


Petit entête

Photography is as much an opportunity for me to present a social problem as a wonderful excuse to discover the human in all its aspects. Portrait photography has thus revealed itself as obvious because it allows me to meet characters outside my daily life. I like the tight framing, which offers me a closeness to people, as well as American plans that sometimes betray an emotion clumsily concealed. I like the spontaneity of moments, the present moment. I particularly like the frontal shots that go directly into the character while reducing the visual message to its simplest expression: the images they convey a feeling or a sensation and come to cause an emotion to the observer. My interest is to share some of these stories with you.

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