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Face of Cuba

This photographic project captures the portraits of Cubans and the worlds they inhabit. The essence of this project is to share some of their stories and emotions, achieved through my interactions with these individuals. By spending time with them and getting to know them, I've preserved fragments of their emotions through my lens.

Photography serves both as a means to shed light on social issues and as a wonderful pretext to explore the multifaceted nature of humanity. Portrait photography became the natural choice for me as it allowed me to meet individuals beyond my everyday encounters. I'm drawn to close-up shots, which offer an intimate connection with people, as well as the candid moments and the immediacy of the present. Frontal shots, in particular, enable me to delve directly into the character, simplifying the visual message to its purest form—images that convey feelings or sensations, evoking emotions in the viewer. My primary goal is to share some of these stories with you.


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