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Rooster fight is a MUST Friday night event in Isla Grande, in the middle of the Colombian Caribbean Sea, one hour away from the city of Cartagena. Not the fight itself, but the build-up of the show, the atmosphere and the people watching it are certainly the thrilling side of this local tradition. Native people take it very seriously, as a part of their culture, therefore they live it and its preparation intensively. The “venue” of the event is a small round arena, called “gallera” (literally cockpit), that fills up rapidly of local people and curious tourists. The gallera stands in front of the small house of a native man. He pulls out his massive loudspeakers to accompany the fight with the sound of the local rhythm of champeta and vallenato. The fight starts when the two opponent cocks are placed in the middle of the cockpit by their owners and ends when one of them is dead or almost dead. Native people use the few pesos they have to bet on one of the two cocks. Whether they lose or win, a Costenita – the local beer - is always a good investment before, after and during the fight. Gamecocks are raised to fight since they are babies. Before the combat they have their comb and wattle cut off. Sometimes they even have their breasts painted. Cocks natural’ spurs are cut off too and replaced by metal ones, which make the physical traumas cocks inflict one another crueler. They even receive chili pepper to be more excited to fight! Whether you like it or not, cockfight is part of the local culture and a worthy experience at least once. Text: Giulia Collura

Cecile lopes photography