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The series aims to immerse the audience in the anticipation of a meeting between two characters. The story unfolds with a sense of tension and a unique form of simultaneous storytelling. Viewers are invited into the intimate lives of each character, providing a glimpse into the emotional complexities of our contemporary society. I've strived to elevate ordinary scenes into an enigmatic universe by drawing inspiration from the aesthetic codes of 1960s North America.

Philadelphia, 1962. It's a Friday evening, around 6:00 PM. In her bathroom, a woman meticulously prepares for the upcoming evening. She gazes at her reflection in the mirror, a final check to ensure her appearance is just right. Her figure seems to satisfy her, exuding a sense of confidence. Simultaneously, a man stands before a mirror, carefully adjusting his tie. With a decisive twist of the key in the lock, he leaves his home. The night unfolds with a clarity that matches the promise of their meeting, and the warm air carries with it a sense of anticipation and possibility

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